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Serve N Play provides the following badminton products and services. If you have any question, please call or email us.


Serve N Play has rackets suitable all skills. We have dealership relation with world’s best brands including Yonex, Victor etc. When you buy from us you get the best available price. We stand behind our products.


We have varieties of shuttlecocks available for use in USA. We have the best price on Yonex and Aeroplane shuttles. If you looking for more durable shuttles, we sell them too. Best of all, if you are in North Carolina you can pick up locally.

Badminton Shoes

Whether you are advanced or recreational player, a great pair of shoes is very important for your ankle protection and also for speed. Are you looking for badminton outfits and shoes? We have it all. We sell shorts, skirts, shirts and shoes.


Are you looking for someone to string your rackets? We have the best stringer with more than 15 years of stringing experience. We offer stringing service to all over USA. If you are local customer, we offer racket drop-off service for your convenience.

Who Are We?

We are the most trusted badminton equipmentsupplier based in North Carolina, USA
The best Badminton Equipment supplier in North Carolina, USA

Serve N Play was founded in June 2011 in Raleigh, North Carolina aiming to promote the sport of badminton and provide badminton equipment to the local area players.

We are authorized dealers for brands such as Yonex, Victor, Adidas etc and carry the latest badminton supplies, ranging from rackets, shuttlecocks, grips, strings, shoes catering to all levels of player.

It is our goal to provide quality products and great service to our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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